Enabling Technology for Nanoscale Metals, Composites, & Semiconductors

LifeCel Technology, LLC, has invented breakthrough nanosynthesis methods to enable a wide range of important new materials for Li-ion batteries and many other applications.


LifeCell Li-ion Anode Materials are designed to meet the power and energy demands of Plug-in, Hybrid, and Pure EVs for fast charging and extended range. The same anode technology can also be optimized for extended runtime in notebooks, smartphones and other portable electronics. These anodes can be charged or discharged in less then two minutes, and capacities can be up to 50% greater than best-of-breed graphite.


LifeCel Battery Electrode Safety Layer Materials are designed to protect against thermal runaway and shorts using unique materials with a strong PTCR (Positive Thermal Coefficient of Resistance). Layer material can be produced to effect reversible or irreversible cell shutdown. 


LifeCel Technology makes possible many new nanoscale metals, composites and semiconductors using its revolutionary, bio-inspired (but inorganic), low-cost, low-temperature, low-pressure catalytic control techniques. These enable the creation of completely new nanostructured materials with very tight control and very high performance. The technology can be applied to multiple syntheses, and has application in batteries, semiconductors, photovoltaic energy, IR detectors, and acoustics. 

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